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Clark Musical Theatre is deeply committed to accessibility in the arts. All of our events are 100% free for all audience members and creative participants, and we do our best to provide any accommodations necessary for anyone who enters our theater.

Wheelchair Accessibility

The Daniels Theater in Atwood Hall, our main performance space, is accessible by wheelchair. There is a ramped entrance around the left (northeast) side of the building, which has a wheelchair elevator leading to the main lobby. The "Orchestra Left" section of the theater has designated space for approximately 4 wheelchairs.

Note: the balcony of the theater is, unfortunately, only accessible via stairs.


All of our seats have armrests on either side except for those designated as "accessible - no armrests", which are larger and more movable than the rest. There are 3–5 such seats scattered throughout the orchestra sections of the theater. Additionally, the "Orchestra Left" section of the theater has designated space for approximately 4 wheelchairs (non-transfer).


There are both gendered and non-gendered restrooms available at the theater. The men's room contains 2 stalls and 3 urinals, while the women's room contains 3 stalls. There is one single-stall gender-neutral restroom that is accessible by wheelchair.

Captions/Hearing Assistance

Although we do not currently possess the technology or funding to provide hearing assistance devices or captioning, we will gladly provide a digital or paper copy of the script to anyone who requests it. 

Content/Trigger Warnings

Content/trigger warnings for each show are posted on our ticketing website, and are also announced out loud before every performance. We try to include as many potential triggers as possible, but may occasionally overlook something. If you have any specific questions about triggers, please ask the House Manager or another staff member at the theater, or email us at

Sensory-Friendly Performances

Each of our mainstage shows has at least one performance that is designated as sensory-friendly. These performances include...

  • Reduced volume

  • House lights on dim throughout performance

  • Patrons free to talk quietly and/or leave their seats

  • House doors stay open throughout performance for easy exiting/entering

  • Electronic devices allowed for theraputic use (still no photo/video recording!)

  • Sensory Guide included with program provides information about the show such as song lengths, significant special effects, and what audiences can expect to see on stage during the performance

COVID-19 Protocols (as of Jan. 2024)

Due to Clark University policy, we do not require masking at our shows. However, in order to protect the health of our actors, creatives, and audience members, we strongly encourage masking with a high-quality respirator and testing before attending events.

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