2022–2023 CMT E-BOARD 


Jest Spickler (they/he)

Vice President


Jest is a Junior technical theater major (and a prospective art history major). They like to focus on lighting technology but also enjoy performing every now and again. They can also be seen working on shows with CUPS. Their favorite musicals are Falsettos and Hadestown.


Z Cameron (they/them)



Z is a lifelong theatre artist who continues to get their hands in just about every aspect of theatre possible. They are a Junior who is double majoring in Theatre Tech and Theatre Performance, but also dabble in producing shows with CMT and directing Rocky Horror, their go-to queer comfort media. They are colloquially known as: that trans punk, local clown, or “Oi, you there with the source four”. When not losing their mind at the lighting board they can be found vibing to good music and cooking up something for their friends.


Elizabeth Zinno (she/her)

Interim Secretary


Elizabeth is currently serving as both the Adjunct and the Interim Secretary. She is a sophomore, double-majoring in Biochemistry and Theatre Directing. If she had to pick, she’d say her favorite musicals are Wicked and The Prom, though that is certainly not a complete list! In the future, she wants to direct and/or choreograph at a community theatre level, and she hopes to someday open her own youth theatre company!

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Lily ten Berge (she/they)



Lily is the Treasurer of CMT this year! She has acted in CMT shows since her freshman year, and was able to spend some time on the tech side of things last semester. They have also been the Fundraising Chair for CMT. They are so excited to be the Treasurer this semester, as they want to continue raising money for good causes at CMT events and shows. She is also super excited to use the budget to put on amazing productions that CMT's members can be proud of. She is committed to making CMT a space where members of the Clark community feel safe and welcome, and believes that a big part of that can be accomplished by putting on shows with space for all kinds of people both in the show and behind the scenes. Her favorite musical is Hadestown!

Fall 2022 CMT CHAIRS 


Elizabeth Zinno (she/her)


Image by Lazar Gugleta

Alexa Primm (she/they)

Events Chair


Alix Hietala (they/she)

Social Media Chair

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Jeremy Sonnabend (he/him)

Community Outreach Chair


Anna Pellerin (she/her)

Fundraising Chair