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Thank you for your support!

A lot of our budget, about $1,000 per show, all comes from fundraising.  The set, costumes, props, lighting, and more, all wouldn't be possible

without generous people like yourself.

Ways To Support:
Advertise In Our Program
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We typically have about 2,000 people attend our shows. Clark students, parents, alumni, friends, and faculty all come to enjoy the show. Everyone receives a program and will see the advertisement for your business!

There are 3 sizes of ads available:

     Full Page (5"x8")         $100.00

     Half Page (5"x4")          $50.00

     Quarter Page (2"x4")    $25.00

Thank you.

Shout-Out In Our Program
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Know a member of our cast, production team, or orchestra? Want to send a message to the whole team? Show your support by having a message printed in the program for them!


    There are 4 sizes of ads available:

    Full Page (5"x8")                  $100.00

    Half Page (5"x4")                  $50.00

    Quarter Page (2"x4")            $25.00

    One line of text (well wish)    $10.00

Thank you.


If you want to support our productions but don't want to put anything in the program, this is a wonderful and greatly appreciated option.


Thank you.

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1. Fill out this document and email it to

2. Indicate payment choice:

Options are: mailing a check or giving cash in person

3. As soon as payment is received we will include it in the program!

Any questions? Don't hesitate to email us!


Mail a check:


Lily ten Berge

950 Main Street

Campus Box #2239

Worcester, MA 01610

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